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Explanation of "support package" from TÜRSAB: What do agencies want?

Explanation of "support package" from TÜRSAB: What do agencies want?

Turkey Travel Agencies Union, in order to limit their impact on the economy of the coronavirus outbreak made an explanation to prepare support package.

A statement came from TÜRSAB regarding the support package implemented by the government to limit the negative effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the economy. In the statement, the demands of the agencies were mentioned to a great extent in the support package and it was noted that some regulations should be implemented with particular emphasis on agency. Among the requests, there are articles such as registration amnesty, not taking the TTGA tax until the end of 2020, lowering taxes to 1 percent in road transportation and providing long-term easy loans to travel agencies.

An explanation of the Turkey Travel Agencies Union support package as follows:

'First of Allah have mercy on our citizens who lost their lives because of coronavirus, condolences to the relatives, the disease in Turkey and we wish a speedy recovery to the people struggling all over the world. Our national fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic which affects the world, is being carried out effectively under the leadership of our President with the measures taken by all relevant Ministries, especially the Ministry of Health and the support package announced by our President on March 18, 2020, in this troubled process. It has been a very important step that gives strength and morale to all components of the sector by allowing the tourism sector to breathe. In this context, we would like to express our gratitude to our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has always shown great importance to our tourism sector and supported its development, and we thank all our ministers and bureaucrats who contributed to the implementation of the support package.

As Travel Agencies, our priority is to protect human health by effectively combating the coronavirus epidemic. Because the most basic mission of our industry is to provide the best service for people to travel in a healthy and peaceful environment. In this context, we state that we are behind all the measures taken by our State in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic for the health and safety of our domestic and foreign guests and we would like to express once again that we appreciate and thank all the measures taken in the field of health

The coronavirus epidemic seriously affects global trade and the world economy as a result of its detrimental effects on human life and health. In particular, the tourism industry is one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

Turkish tourism is the most strategic sector of our country with its 34.5 billion dollars foreign currency input provided to the country's economy. Contributing to 54 sectors directly and indirectly, tourism accounts for approximately 9 percent of the total employment in our country. In order for the tourism sector to come out of this process with the least damage and to ensure the sustainability of the sector, our requests were conveyed as a result of the negotiations with the relevant Ministries and it was gladly seen that a significant part of these requests were mentioned in the support package announced.

Continuing of the extraordinary situation puts significant pressure on the sustainability of the Travel Agencies' activities and brings them to a financial standstill. As Travel Agencies, in the regulations to be made regarding the support package announced; Emphasizing the reference to the concept of travel agency, taking the necessary measures for the implementation of the support elements considering the structure of travel agencies, introducing a registration amnesty regarding banking records in addition to the measures taken, reducing the VAT rate from 18% to 1% in tourism road transport, long Providing employment support until the end of the year in order to provide term, easily accessible credit opportunities and protect the employee and not to lose trained manpower, to not receive tourism share payments from TTGA until the end of 2020, and to solve problems between airlines, travel agencies and consumers fairly It is of great importance for the future of our industry.

As sector representatives, we will continue to take all kinds of protective measures for the health and safety of our citizens in the process of managing the effects of the corona virus epidemic.

With the support of our state and nation, we will continue to work with all our strength to revitalize our tourism sector and economy, after we have overcome this period together.

We believe that Turkey and our industry will be reunited as soon as the days full of health and success.''