Russian Operation


Our daily flights start at the beginning of every morning by taking tourists from hotels and transferring them to the airport of Antalya preparing for the trip to Istanbul with one of the companies specialized in the field of aviation in the state of Turkey. Upon arrival at Istanbul City Airport, travelers are specially welcomed and transported by private and luxury cars to visit the ancient city center of Istanbul, starting by visiting  Sultanahmet.

Tourists receive tour guide headsets so that they have the opportunity to hear the guide in their own language clearly and soundly.

The trip starts from the Sultanahmet area with a visit to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, or the so-called Blue Mosque, and then Sultan Ahmed Square where it used to be a sports show field and a symbol of social gathering in the time of the Constantinian Empire. With the afternoon period, the entire group heads to the restaurant to have lunch in a comfortable atmosphere getting prepared for the second part of our tour inside ancient Istanbul. 

The beginning of our next stop, which is the famous Topkapi Palace Museum and Hagia Sophia Mosque, the trip continues after visiting the museums with resting and then shopping popular products in Turkey, as  gifts etc. After a period of rest and shopping, tourists have a tour across the Bosphorus in a luxurious boat and have dinner in the enchanting surroundings of the beauty of Istanbul.